About the organizational structure of GLODING

Gloding Inc. is a consulting and creating company specializing in IT, consisting of teams that transcend national boundaries such as Japan, Indonesia, France, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Members with a global perspective provide support in all phases, from various consultations for business improvement to system design and construction, and operation and maintenance after installation.


Organizational Management that We Keep in Mind

  • Enjoy self-growth

    Continue to hone yourself for meaningful growth

  • Humble and honest

    Always face people with a humble feeling and work with an honest attitude

  • Have high consciousness and aspirations

    High awareness and deep insight into all objects

  • Respect and be considerate of your peers

    Have a spiritual vessel that respects each other and helps each other

INot only can we carry out our daily work in a stable manner, but we are also able to build deep relationships of trust with our colleagues and partners, whether individual staff members are doing their jobs in a rewarding way, their skills are improving, and so on. I think it is important in the long run to constantly check whether this is the case and to grow as a whole. To this end, each staff member voluntarily improves his or her knowledge and skills, has a sense of comfort, and is improving the organizational environment, rules, and business operations that enhance the humanity that is trusted by others.

High knowledge and skills create a sense of comfort and lead to satisfactory results in our relationships with our customers. Relaxation stabilizes your mind and life, spreads positive influences on your surroundings, and deepens your relationship of trust with others. This is the basic attitude we think of for work.

Kiichiro Muto


We strive for an efficient and highly productive development style that eliminates waste of work.

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Agile Development

By repeating small cycles while confirming the optimal direction for the problem, we will form a lean construction system. Now that requirements are required to be optimized from time to time in response to rapid changes in the environment, we are able to respond quickly and flexibly.

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Scrum Process

It’s the foundational framework for teams to build processes. By having a vision of the value to be provided and developing from the highest priority, it is possible to quickly provide software that meets the needs of the market.

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Staff Optimization

Minimize the impact of inefficient resource allocation by managers, engineers, and designers to ensure consistently satisfactory service levels, and optimize staffing and resource operating costs.


GLODING organizational structure
Challenge group that is not bound by preconceived ideas


We build an IT environment that matches the business strategy of the company, and provide total support from planning to consulting and market research. We support projects with flexible and speedy responsiveness and communication skills.

Front End

We pursue websites and applications with high operability using HTML + JS + CSS technology. We constantly acquire new skills to quickly and accurately understand and realize the solutions that users want.

Back End

We support a wide range of technologies from system development such as CMS to server design and database design. An engineer who efficiently and accurately builds core parts that are invisible to the user.


We provide high quality creatives such as UI / UX design, animation, and video editing. A creator who designs systems that are comfortable for users and highly satisfying visuals.

App Development

Based on our many achievements, we will support with the most suitable technology for multi-device support such as smartphones. We develop tools that solve user issues and lead projects to success, such as operational efficiency and automation.

Research and Development

We will collaborate with university research institutes on the latest technologies such as AI technology, blockchain, and AR / VR technology. It not only enhances user convenience, but also embodies completely new content that has never been seen before.

Introducing Gloding service introduction companies and collaborative / collaborative companies

We respond to requests from people in a wide range of industries and various industries.

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